Trying to tidy site. Have been very unwell for a long time. Am better but my days are numbered, something that money, medicine, doctors, and alternative treatments will not fix: COPD





Look out! (Oh) Sunny disaster! (Oh) Sunny disaster! (Oh)
 Disaster can be fun if you give up lettuce
Give up smell, touch Sunday lunch
Disaster can be fun if you give up breathing
 Give up hope, T.V. and the radio
Disaster can be very nice if you simply live like a lice
Disaster can be very nice
Can anyone else better these terrible lyrics?


More WigWam!

Rockin’ Ol’ Galway
Lyrics & Chords: Rockin’ Ol’ Galwayby Jim Pembroke. Album: Fairyport (1971)

 Dear ol’ Granma, get that fiddle out 
 Blow a tune and make us jump and shout 
 A Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, out in rockin’ ol’ Galway
Dear old Granma, you got what it takes
You blow fiddle good as cherry cakes
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, out in rockin’ ol’ Galway 
Out in the barn we get in a line and then 
Kick off our shoes and hoe down in time
And then Granpa arrives with all of his drums 
And the full moon has just come
Bagpipes and bells and hornpipes and jigs
And then Horses and cows and chickens and pigs
And then Grannie and Uncle are bootleggin’ tea
And the moonshine’s flowin’ free


Dear ol’ Granma, we just got to sigh
 You blow fiddle good as rhubarb pie
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, out in rockin’ ol’ Galway (harmonica solo)
 Out in the barn… Bagpipes and bells…
 Dear ol’ Granma, get that fiddle out… (harmonica solo)
What a sovereign remedy for my depression!


Cafffkaff, The Country Psychologist  ( Album: Fairyport. 1971 )

So-w-hat do we find, why don’t youm learn. Nymphs of the wood, with their urban disease of suggestion!!… Limping up to the fountainhead, walking on, out-of-this-wórld, maybe you didn’t know about the ground water.Frankly, I must have expected too much.

This from a Finnish band called WigWam! There’s more, lots more……. The words are hilarious!

Poeta fit non nascitur

April 29, 2009

 Yipee! At last I have had something published in The Big Issue Street Lights pages.
 Unfortunately I sent in the draft idea instead of the completed, somewhat pretentious and over-blown version which I publish here:

From an Inglenook



Passing the window onto the eaters

And drinkers warm welcome inside.

Outside I’m goose-bumped,

Sweat cold and clammy.



The fire in the hearth is rosy cosy

Talkers all comfortable within.

Outside I’m goose-bumped,

Sweat cold, and clammy.


The fire of our love died, embraceable embers

Out into the cold I blundered blindly.

Outside I’m goose-bumped,

Sweat hot, disease lumped.



The fire in my blood is so very nasty

Fuel for death’s burning armies.

Outside I’m goose-bumped,

Sweat cold, and clammy.



Meanwhile through the window,

The talkers chat and chew

Their endless meal, teeth and steel.

Outside I’m goose-stepped

Off to the hospice house

Led by the rider’s pale horse,

“Old lady next…”





“Did anyone know him?”

“No, no relatives either.”




 I have lots of favourites on my You Tube area but this, the rehearsal for ‘Aloha From Hawaii’, is the final musical nirvana for me at least. Hendrix will always be up there with Elvis but this culmination of a great voice, performer, music and musicians, rates the No1 spot. No wonder he went to pieces, after that where could he go? You can see his sheer ecstasy, lower lip quivering,  as he turns to face the band and orchestra for the run in to the final chorus. And, as I commented earlier, he then comes floating in over the whole masterpiece to deliver the killer blow! Music at it’s very, very best! Enjoy it.  (See note below clip!) 

Talking about YouTube – Elvis Presley – An American Trilogy (Live 1973)

The only problem on my spot is that the video seems jerky, so to see a correct playback log on toYou-Tube.

Obviously it is best to purchase a full recording ( and not mixed by the Colonel either)

For some reason, which I am sure will become clearer to me later, I have Blogged my U-Tube account.

YouTube – BavonWW’s Channel